Uh oh…

Hey there. I know I don’t post this blog in this format, but I think I have a real problem with the Brenams…

My computer is very overworked. It’s got wayyyy to much data on it; it has next to no memory left. It won’t even run iTunes anymore.So, it’s basically a miracle my computer ran Sims (which it did very badly). The only computer I have is the family computer so… yeah. Right before Christmas, I managed to fix Sims (I really have no idea what was wrong, it just started working) and played it once. Two days later, the whole computer crashed. It won’t even load to the point where I can log in. We’re not really sure what the problem is, and it may be that there is a system problem. It might be that we have to take the Vista disc that came with the desktop and reboot the whole system (I’m probably getting all these terms wrong…). If that happens, the whole memory is gone. Wiped clean. All of my family’s pictures, my movies and home videos, all my writing, and my Sims will be gone. Our computer had way to much to back up, because we honestly had a few gigabytes of memory left. I managed to hook up an old Dell desktop tower to the monitor of the old computer. The other tower is way to old to run Sims, and I don’t even think it could anyway because my brother got it from his school. So, there may be a serious problem with the Brenams. I can’t do anything on the old computer at all, and I’m really sad about everything on there. We’ve had the computer since I played Webkinz in about third grade so basically half of my life is on this computer. If I ever get to recover the Brenams again, it may take awhile to update. I never uploaded a version of them to the exchange, so I’d never get them again if we lost all data. I’m getting really sad right now, so I guess this is goodbye for awhile.

I’m leaving the blog open for people to read Cassie’s story.I’ll try to update about what happens soon.

xx Ally



This is the Brenams, my first legacy challenge blog. First, the rules I’ll be following for the legacy:

-I will not be keeping points

-There will be an alphabetical naming sequence, but twins will have the same letter

-Basic rules might be bent to go with the story

For the first generation, we’ll see Cassie Brenam. Born Zaire, at 18, Cassie changed her name to something more simple, and moved to the quiet town of Sunset Valley to try to become a hit movie composer. Everything about Cassie’s life was unexpected and exciting; born in Bridgeport, both of Cassie’s parents were famous actors and Cassie has been spoiled through her whole life, living in the paparazzi’s camera flash. Independent, Cassie is ready to start over, fend for herself, and break free of her old parents’ grip. However, they did insist on buying her first home, which Cassie kept simple: a shabby one-room home in the richest neighborhood in town. With nothing but the clothes on her back, how far will Cassie get before her new lifestyle drives her to tears, or will she last long enough to pass the baton?


 In Generation 2, we meet Delaney Brenam. The youngest of four, Delaney was always spoiled by her parents. She grew up loving painting, and with tons of friends. However, her biggest problem was her older sister Caia. Caia never liked her as long as Delaney could remember. Now that they’re all grown up, Delaney finds herself in a hard situation with Caia. Caia’s practically abandoned her two young children. How is she going to deal with that? On top of everything else in her life, Delaney’s working hard and schmoozing all the right people to climb up the career ladder at Doo Peas Corporate Tower. But as she gets closer to the top, will her passion for painting get in the way?